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About Our Tutoring

The Trendy Tutor was created to help students of all ages that need just a little bit more. Every student is unique and so is the way they learn. It is our goal to understand how the student learns best and use that knowledge to help them continue to grow. Students may struggle in one area or many, but how they feel about learning should always remain positive. The Trendy Tutor is here to encourage every student to find the joy in learning.


Knowledgeable of current learning standards, teaching methods and strategies used in the classroom.


Each session is personalized to benefit the individual student and help them reach their learning goals. 


Regular growth assessments are provided and monitored to ensure all learning goals are met.

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Just as every child is unique, so are there needs. Select a session that best fits your needs.




This session is dedicated to observing the student's current abilities and learning style as well as identifying strengths and weaknesses. An assessment session is a great stepping stone to see how our tutor can best help the student.




Customized sessions based on what the student needs. All materials including resources are provided. Refresh skills, practice, and review concepts.

Homework help



A 30 minute session to help the student through their homework, review spelling words/sight words, navigate difficult homework, or work on a project. All of the resources in the classroom come to you!

Test Prep



Review for unit tests or prepare for the SAT, ACT, GKT, or more! Practice tests, timed tests, note taking, review, and study strategies.