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Testing Strategies

April 1st, 2019

How can we prepare our students for the end of year testing?

  • Review material
    • Looking back on what has been learned this year helps jog a student's memory and if something seems to be unrecognizable to the student then there is a good chance it will need to be practiced.
  • Practice
    • Testing out skills before test time allows it to stay fresh and makes it easier to recall during the test. Math practice allows for someone to spot mistakes and focus on self-checking which is very important on a test. Reading is always beneficial but asking questions about what is being read will help the student pay closer attention and think about what they read.
  • Get plenty of rest
    • Sleep is good for our brains and our bodies. Making sure a student receives enough sleep before a test will help them feel more relaxed and have a sharper mind when the test is in front of them. 
  • Eating a healthy breakfast
    • Make sure your student does not miss breakfast before an important test. A rumbling tummy is easily distracting and will cause students to lose focus. Provide them with foods that will give them energy but avoid sugary foods that could lead to an energy drain later on.
  • Encourage them
    • Remind your student that this is just a test and while it is important it should not cause them stress. Write empowering messages for them to see and place them where they can find them such as the bathroom mirror, lunchbox, backpack etc. Check in with them and see how they are feeling as the test time grows closer.